Proudly Introducing Ice Cream Reviews from Your Chief Moos

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Proudly Introducing Ice Cream Reviews from Your Chief Moos

...Because while all ice cream is a gift, not all flavors are created equally

Moo Crew, we love you just about as much as we love ice cream, life hacks, and freeing ourselves from unnecessary burdens like bowls and dishes. As two experts in the frozen art form, we’re taste testing the gambit of flavors for you. Healthy, alternative, and pricey ice cream options are on the rise, and ain’t nobody got time to figure out what’s good and what’s garbage.

So we're here to pass judgment for a good cause. With a few choice words and our highly vetted rating score below, we'll help y'all decide what's worth your hard-earned moneys, and what need not leave the store. We'll open each up for comments too, in case you take issue with our taste buds. The people deserve to be heard.


Here's a quick rundown of our 4-Star Scientific Method rating system:

4. would bathe in it 



3. pretttttttyyyy preettttyyyyyy pretty good 


2. would buy ... on sale 


1. it's gonna be a no from me, dawg

We’ll be back with our first review after we pound this pint right quick.

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  • Sean Cook

    but #3 Gif Selection

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