Moo Review: NadaMoo Salted Caramel

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Moo Review: NadaMoo Salted Caramel

I wanted to kick this thing off on a high note because it's going to get rough from here. 

NadaMoo Caramel Sea Salt is what lactose-intolerant dreams are made of. 

Look, I love ice cream in its whole-milk, whole-flavor OG format, but my stomach has a different opinion and I don't live alone anymore. I still sneak Jeni's and Halo Top from the freezer when nobody's looking, but when I'm gearing up to drown the Sunday Scaries in an Ozark marathon, I need something that can go the distance.

This coconut-milk caramel is the perfect combination of savory/sweet that salt-freaks like me cannot get enough of. It may miss some of that buttery flavor and thickness you'll get from real ice cream or gelato, but I'm telling you I don't even think of the competition. 

And it's organic. And gluten-free. And made with agave. And the pink salt. So it's basically health stored safely in a pint stored safely in a Moozie.

4 out of 4

Stay Salty,

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