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ARE WE EXCITED TO BRING MOOZIES TO LA?! Why, yes. Yes, we are. Thank you for asking. Moozies have officially taken up residence in one of the most magical places on Earth: the Mooseum of Ice Cream in sunny Los Angeles. Er, sorry, guess it's "Museum" ..but you get the picture. We're here! So pick up tickets or cash us in their online store and support good people doing great things like opening pop-up museums where you can sit in a sprinkle pool. No joke.  Seriously, a sprinkle pool. What a time to be alive.

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We're excited to announce that Moozies has been selected for the first ever Lincoln Park Zoo Holiday Market: next Tuesday, November 29 from 6:30pm-10:00pm. Come visit your fave cows (and, uh, other exotic animals) and enjoy the extra-festive lights LPZoo is famous for. We promise a much better shopping experience than the frantic apocalypse known as Black Friday. We'll have special offers for holiday market shoppers (read: deep discounts). So be responsible and get your Christmas shopping done early! We may or may not be in full cow onesies. So there's also that. More info on the LPZoo site here. Come let us show you some love. Ho Ho Ho-ney Maple Pecan...

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