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I wanted to kick this thing off on a high note because it's going to get rough from here.  NadaMoo Caramel Sea Salt is what lactose-intolerant dreams are made of.  Look, I love ice cream in its whole-milk, whole-flavor OG format, but my stomach has a different opinion and I don't live alone anymore. I still sneak Jeni's and Halo Top from the freezer when nobody's looking, but when I'm gearing up to drown the Sunday Scaries in an Ozark marathon, I need something that can go the distance. This coconut-milk caramel is the perfect combination of savory/sweet that salt-freaks like me cannot get enough of. It...

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Judgment Day, Moo Review, Moos Reviews, Moozies -

I'm pushing 30 and have yet to fall ill to salmonella, so I'd like to start off by letting everyone know that you don't actually get sick from eating raw cookie dough. Now that that's out of the way, on to why we're gathered here today. Hot take for those of you with short attention spans: Halo Top's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream is fire. If you've had their plain old vanilla, you know how surprisingly good and legit ice-cream-like it is. That is the base for this ice cream. Then add tiny morsels of cookie dough and prepare...

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