"I googled 'hot girls with ice cream' - I don't think we're going to come up."

Once upon a Netflix eve, two 20-somethings were eating ice cream out of pints in the great city of Chicago. Things were chill. Metabolisms were high. But their hands were cold, and they weren't about to just not eat the ice cream.

See, the sharing of frozen delights is an unspoken ritual amongst homies. And nobody scoops from pint to bowl. Nobody likes cold hands or melty goods. So while the days of inexplicably high metabolisms are over - at least for us - our collective need to comfortably pound a pint is not. It's self-care, and we ain't sorry about it. 

With Moozies, we're not out to reinvent the wheel. We're just improving upon an experience Ben & Jerry (and Halo Top and Nada Moo and and Jeni's) have already made fantastic for us. Nights-in. For the win. 

So get a Moozie for yourself, for your hungry friends, for your high friends, or for your whole damn squad. We kept 'em cheap as we could, because this isn't a luxury you should live without.

Moozies. Moozie. Moozies. Moozie. Moozies. Moozie. Use A Moozie.